Company Information

■ Introduction

We are a factory involved in every market, providing knowledgeable processing to metals,plastic, and many other materials.
From short deadline jobs and idea products, to special orders, and ,mass scale products, our well experienced staff utilizes machining centers and NC lathe to provide detailed processing.
In addition, slicing materials with cutting machines and programming by CAD/CAM software is performed at the same time, which creates a consecutive production process within our company.This lead to successful speed-up of delivery and lowering cost.
We are hoping our service be of help to many customers in quality, delivery time, and price.

■ About our brand

We are expanding a PC and smartphone brand called “’UNUS PRODUCT SERVICE.®”domestically and internationally, in addition to metal and resin processing.
All products are manufactured within Japan and those Japanese high quality products are receiving good evaluations throughout the world.

 Description of business

  • Metal processing
  • Resin processing
  • Production of detailed parts and precision parts
  • Production of molds
  • Planning, developing, and manufacturing of store fixtures
  • Planning, developing, and manufacturing of metal novelties
  • Planning, developing, and manufacturing of idea products

The material
Materials mainly used Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Iron, Copper, Brass, Cast Metal, Gold, Silver, various resin, and supports many other various materials.
We are in cooperation with various partnership factories so please consult us for any special processing. For details, please refer the “Processing items/technologies” page.


  • 5 axis machining center FANUC (x1)
  • Machining center FANUC/SAKAZAKA (x3)
  • NC lathe (x5) OKUMA
  • CNC lathe Ozaki
  • Cutting machine TSUNE
  • Cutting processor Graphtec
  • General machinery

 Company information

Corporate nameK.K. Fukushima Seisakusho
Location254-1 Akashibashinden, Kawaguchi City, Saitama 3330824
Start-upApril, 1959
FoundedNovember, 1960
Capital10 million yen
PresidentHideaki Fukushima
Available servicesMetal processing, metal parts processing, resin processing, relief engrave, cutting, NC data produce, screw processing, metal novelty manufacturing
The main customerNihon Lock Corporation/Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation/ IHI Shibaura Machinery CorporationNichiden Shoko Co., Ltd./Daytona International Trading Electric Co., Ltd./Kato Denki Inc./K. Mikimoto & Co., Ltd.